Moroccan Cuisine

May 26, 2022

By Annabelle O’keefe


I’ve been missing a lot of things about Morocco. The experiences, the people but mostly… the FOOD.

My first morning in Marrakech I found my way to Cafe de Especies, where I had my first bowl of Moroccan homemade granola with a side of fresh fruit. Great way to start the day.
For lunch if I was ever at a loss for what to order on the menu I knew the “Berber Tajine” was going to be a safe bet (as a vegan). As the entree is served you can still see and hear the sizzling – in my opinion – of the perfectly cooked vegetables. Moroccan chefs have mastered the balance of how to cook until a vegetable is soft but not mushy, and also firm but not raw. I also thought it was notable how the spices never overpowered the dish. You’re still very in touch with the natural flavor of the vegetables, which I quite liked.

The mixture of flour, almond paste and infused orange blossom that would become one of my favorite pastries as well as my favorite aroma, is referred to as “The corne de Gazelle”. It is a soft but also crunchy dessert that is sweet but not overly rich. A Moroccan specialty that should never be missed when traveling to Morocco.

I also must not forget to mention the tea. A Moroccan staple that I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what the ingredients are exactly. Right now my best guess is a mixture of green, mint, and jasmine tea. A cup of that in the afternoon was a great way to restore energy after a long day of traipsing through the souks.

I also quickly became a fan of Moroccan mocktails. I had one by the name of “Anytime” at Le Jardin (a must go-to-restaurant located in the Medina of Marrakesh) that I believe was a spin o from the infamous Pina Colada, consisting of pineapple juice, mixed red fruits and frothed coconut cream. It was probably devoured in under two minutes. Absolutely delicious.

A realization I had only after I returned back home, was that I don’t think I ever consumed anything that was……. processed. Like the entire time. I am almost positive everything I ate was completely natural. Just another reason why Moroccan food is a must try Cuisine !


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